First Annual Greenville Regatta Sailboat Design Contest

Saturday, September 24th, 2016

Entries were judged by a panel of local artists who only voted by number, without knowledge of the contestants. Keep in mind, that these photos were not seen by the judges until after they voted, what you see online is only one representation of each boats full character. Every year a new panel will be selected, and their voting criteria will be listed in that year's instructions.

Thank you for participating, and congratulations to all.

101 Greenville Rotary Club

102 Samantha Alix Oustanding

103 Valerie Lewis

104 Greenville JR FFA

105 Dianne Lewis

106 Laurel Rhoads-Goodman Oustanding

107 Simon Uht

108 Isabella Gabriele 1st Place

109 Lane Sutton Oustanding

110 Ty Sutton 2nd Place

111 Tallulah Sutton

112 Memphis Sutton

113 Owen Sutton

114 Emma Welsh

115 Ross Dupuis Oustanding

116 Lucas Berntsen

117 Noah Berntsen

118 Tommy Mason

119 Gayle Mason

120 Shane Hempstead

121 Gigi Stewart

122 Madeleine Stewart Oustanding

123 Steven Snyder

124 Evan Snyder

125 Ellis Snyder Oustanding

126 Olivia Matott

127 Kelly Fagan

128 Lauryn Caro 3rd place

129 Emma Cardmone

130 Kyle Story

131 Rowan Story

132 Ryan Smith

133 Connor Smith

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